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Basic UV Gel Application Technique
How to apply Clear Gel on Natural Nails
Basic UV Gel Application Technique<br>How to apply Clear Gel on Natural Nails

What you'll need

  • Nail Prep spray
  • Nail Wipes
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Nail File
  • Dehydrate (optional)
  • Bonder
  • Gel Nail Brush
  • Clear Gel
  • Cleanser Plus
  • Topcoat Ultra Seal or Intense Seal
  • Cuticle Oil (optional)
  • UV Nail Lamp



1. Spray nails with some form of antibacterial nail preperation spray such as IBD's Nail Prep spray.
2. wipe dry and clean using a dry Nail Wipe
3. Push back cuticles using a Cuticle Pusher.
4. File the entire nail surface with a Nail File, in one direction only, to remove shine.
5. Wipe nails clean of all dust with a dry nail wipe.
6. Apply IBD's Dehydrate to remove moisture from the nail (optional step for clients with nails that tend to lift).
7. Apply Bonder sparingly.
8. Cure Bonder under a UV Nail Light if using IBD Bonder. If you are using an acrylic primer instead you don't need to cure it.


1. Apply a thin layer of Clear Gel using a Gel Brush.
2. Run around nail edge with a Cuticle Pusher to ensure gel does not run off nail onto skin
3. Cure gel for relevant time under a UV Nail Light (30secs for IBD Clear Gel).
4. Apply a second thin coat of Clear Gel.
5. Cure second coat.
6. Wipe off sticky residue with a cleanser like IBDs Cleanser Plus. Do this by pouring Cleanser Plus onto a Nail Wipe. Dab nail with the damp wipe, then apply pressure and wipe from the cuticle towards the tip. This drags off any remaining residue.

The Finish

1. Apply a topcoat like IBD's Ultra Seal or Intense Seal.
2. Cure for the relevant time.
3. If using Ultra Seal, cleanse with a clean Nail Wipe and cleanser (Cleanser Plus). If you have used Intense Seal you don't need to cleanse afterwards.
4. Finish your nail service with a professional touch by applying cuticle oil, such as IBD's Lavender Cuticle oil.

Viola! Enjoy your beautiful gel nails.